Agile IT and Other SMBiT Professionals Join Together As a Community

As a Small Business IT Support company, servicing Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, Agile IT  is focused on delivering the right IT solution to meet your business needs.  I have worked in IT in Melbourne for many years, and my passion for helping business owners with their technology issues continues to grow.  My aim is to eradicate technology issues and make IT seem invisible to you, so you can get on with doing business.

That is one reason I have become a member of the SMBiT Professionals organisation.  You see, SMBiT Professionals is a group of like-minded business owners who come together as a community to support each other’s business growth, development and integrity in the IT industry.

Agile IT Solutions got involved in this association to continue to improve how we provide services to our clients through learning off other successful businesses, to get both business and technical support from peers and to develop stronger relationships with vendors and distributors to enhance our product offering.

Member meetings are in Melbourne on the last Wednesday of the month where there is a potential of 76 members getting together to uphold the Organisation’s philosophy to achieve optimal outcomes for SMB clients by applying best practice in the implementation and management of appropriate Information Technology, and through continuous professional development, strong vendor relations and open information exchange.

So, on the last Wednesday of this month, if you were a part of our group, you might hear a presentation from our vendor sponsors talking about how we can utilise their products and services to help our clients, you may hear discussion on how we can improve systems within our businesses to streamline our service offerings or even help with specific technical issues among many other things.

Our clients are business people who can depend on having access to their information on demand, can communicate effectively and are secure in the knowledge that they have a trusted partner taking care of them.  SMBiT Professionals is just one way that we can increase our knowledgebase of information.

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