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Agile IT Solutions, providing IT Solutions and Managed Services throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula can assist you to purchase the most effective business equipment and IT solutions to meet your needs.  Do you want new equipment for your business, but cash is tight, working with our IT finance partners, we can get you the equipment you need now, while conserving your cash. And with the new ATO rules your total out of pocket for this financial year is minimal.

“Get new equipment now with minimal outlay in this financial year.”

Here’s a piece of news that might help.

ATO changes rules relating to “small pool assets” 

From the Federal Government

The following statement is an excerpt taken from a fact sheet put out by the Federal Government. The full fact sheet is available from their “Future Tax” website.

“Small business is on of Australia’s biggest employers. Reducing complexity, cutting red tape and providing tax relief will help small business grow and expand – benefiting all Australians. The Government is assisting small business through tax reform. These reforms are targeted at reducing compliance costs and improving cash flow for small business.”

From the 2012-2013 income year, small business can:

  • immediately write-off all assets valued at under $6500 (up from the $1000 ); and
  • write-off all other assets (except for buildings) in a single depreciation pool at a rate of 30%  (15% in the 1st year)

Call our office today to talk about how you can get your new equipment now and be cash flow positive for the financial year.

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